How To Gain Access To Pictures On an Iphone 5 Without The Passcode

The following steps will duplicate a bug in iOS 7.0 that will enable you to view pictures on your phone WITHOUT knowing the unlock code.

  1. From the lock screen, swipe up to open the Command Center
  2. From the Command Center, open the Timer App.
  3. From the Timer App, hold the Power button until "Slide to Power Off" appears
  4. Click the Home button twice and on the 2nd click, hold it down.
  5. While holding the Home button down, tap "Cancel" on the screen.
  6. Continue holding the Home button down for about a second longer.
  7. Release the Home button and your Task List should appear.
  8. If the Camera app is listed on the Task List, you'll be able to enter the Camera app and from there, the photos on the locked iPhone.

[Update on 9/26/2013 @ 11:08 PST] This has been fixed with version 7.0.2.

Windows Azure cannot perform a VIP swap between deployments that have a different number of endpoints.

When attempting to do a swap between Staging and Production on my Azure Cloud Service instance, I got the following error, “Windows Azure cannot perform a VIP swap between deployments that have a different number of endpoints.” Investigating this a bit didn’t show any new endpoints created in either the Azure Management Portal or in my ServiceDefinition.csdef file, specifically. However, I had created the ability to RDP into my Cloud Service instance and by virtue of that, it usually opens port 3389 for RDP access.

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Bogus Tech Support Phone Calls…

A client of ours recently received a phone call (yes, scammers have made the leap to actually calling you) claiming that their server had detected an infection on her computer. This caller had a heavy accent and when pressed about who he was and what company he was with, he was extremely vague.  He attempted to point out what files may have been infected on her computer by having her open her event viewer and he pointed out some errors and it was at this point, my client hung up the phone.

First and foremost, she wisely hung up on him. No legitimate tech company I know of, cold calls customers claiming to have seen an infection on a computer that you have and would attempt to help you over the phone*. It just doesn't happen. Secondly, she has a reputable anti-malware program running at all times.

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WordPress and Backups

When I acquired numerous bloggers as clients, one of the main services that I offered was regular backups of their WordPress blogs.  There are quite a few free plugins that will accomplish the necessary backups, but they never quite seemed reliable enough nor easy enough to not have to worry about them and some just weren’t being updated anymore.

There are quite a few online services that offer WordPress backup functionality but in all the ones that I’ve tried, only one really rises to the top – Blogvault.

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An open letter to software companies..

I open this posting for a couple of reasons, only one of which is important outside of myself.  Software/app companies frequently fall down with regard to customer service.  If you expect users to pay for your software, why would you completely ignore this rather obvious step?  

Customer support isn’t rocket-science, but with the lack of support I see from so many companies, you’d think it was harder than building the damn software in the first place.  Emails go unanswered.  Blog postings ignored.  Forum posts…well they’re forum posts.  I’m so tired of not getting proper support, I’ve decided to put together a list for you to peruse.  

If you aren’t interested in any of these, then don’t get in the business of selling shit to people.  Do not take my money if you never plan to support me for a reasonable amount of time after the purchase.  Seriously…

Warning, “salty” language ahead…

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